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America's new nuclear weapons plan!

During the debate between President George W. Bush and his opponent Senator John Kerry it was brought to the attention of the world that the Bush Administration is permitting and funding a program that is in the process of creating and possibly using a new type of nuclear weapon. This new weapon will be 1,000 times more powerful and deadly than the nukes used in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Ironic considering that we used brute force without proper reason to invade Iraq, and collect their weapons. However Iraq never had weapons at that point and time, only remnants of former weapons programs. We are in the middle of creating new, even deadlier weapons; more gruesome than anything we have ever seen. North Korea is in the process of creating new weapons, Iran is in the process of creating new weapons, the former Soviet Union is literally tripping over nuclear weapons components and we take it upon ourselves to invade a sovereign nation that was rumored to have been creating weapons of mass destruction. After the fog lifted we were left with the harsh reality that we made a major miscalculation by our actions. Now we find out that the entire time we are the ones who are creating weapons of mass destruction and we illegally invaded a country that posed as no real threat to the world at that time. America's new nuclear weapons program conveys an entirely new level of global hypocrisy. We need to disarm along with the rest of the world!

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