Guernica (sir_guernica) wrote in conspiracy_theo,

Introduction and odd website

Hello everyone

Just joined this group and wanted to introduce myself, I'm 27 living in London with a very open mind. I don't believe in everything hear but I believe in a lot of stuff I am not supposed to hear. I hope to communicate with like minded people are share ideas and just have a natter. If you like the cut of my jib feel free to contact/add me. My interests are quite diverse.

Also I was wondering if anyone could shed light on this; it is a website with some very curious odd events on it , some of them are quite mundane yet they do have a level of detail. If the stuff is false why? what purpose does it serve considering the date they took place and the rather uspectacular and uneventful nature of them. Can anyone tell me anything about it?


p.s x-posted
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