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The Yorkshire Ripper murders and my last post

Ok thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I knew the events were not true as I had researched many of them and there was no information on any of them, what confused me though was the time frame and the sheer mundaneness of some of them. That I suppose made it seem more authentic! I couldn’t get my head round why someone would make up something dull and pointless, anyway moving on. As the news at the moment is about the Yorkshire Ripper yet again, I found this interesting comment on a review of the book ‘Wicked Beyond Belief’ on Amazon. The comment is very interesting and I haven’t come across any theory conspiracy or otherwise about the Yorkshire Ripper before, anyway here it is;

“Police were aware that there were two killers involved in the Ripper investigation, the Ripper of course and a copy cat killer.Peter Sutcliffe was that copycat killer who tried to emulate the Ripper. Because he was O blood group he was eliminated 12 times. The Ripper's semen and bite marks on some victims revealed him to possess the rare B blood group. Michael Bilton wrote what is by his admission the story of Detective Superintendent Dick Holland.

Holland is infamous for his stitching up of the innocent Stefan Kiszko for murder. He had procured a confession from the terrified man and proceeded to prosecute him notwithstanding that his blood chemistry proved his innocence.

Holland was instrumental in eliminating Sutcliffe prior to his arrest in Sheffield and on his arrest, because of media pressure and police error he offered copycat killer Sutcliffe a lenient deal of no trial and 10 years in a luxury mental hospital in return for his confessions to his own 4 murders along with all the Ripper's murders. Sutcliffe bought the deal. Sutcliffe was also responsible for a string of assaults most of which were not in the Ripper frame at the time of his arrest. These corrupt police changed all the goal posts to point at Sutcliffe and Biltons book in an exercise in this and ignores the real hard evidence gained before Sutcliffe's confessions cleaned the slate.

The real Ripper who had diverted the hunt on to his copy cat by his letters and tape recorded message to George Oldfield achieved his objective because he alone knew how corrupt people like Holland were and how they were simply interested in getting a conviction at all costs. He remains free and lives in the UK today while the public believe that the Ripper is in jail rather than a disturbed copycat killer who was actually driven to commit murder in order to prove to the police that he was the Ripper. Bizarre but true.”

What do you all think; anyone else got some theories on this? theres some interesting points made, but why would he just stop killing? just like that? oh well over to you guys.

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