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Alternative conspiracy theories? Curses and James Deans car

Ok I was wondering if some of you think there is something else behind conspiracy theories other than government action, or certain organisations that influence or cover up major events. Now I believe in a lot of conspiracy theories, but I also believe in other things such as ‘supernatural’ can be a misleading label but I will use it here. As well as being interested in conspiracies I am also interested in elements of the supernatural.

But anyway my point is that I think there are certain unusual events or situations that are so unusual, ridiculous or coincidental that they may be classed as a conspiracy theory. Are there any ones that you think are the work or action of something completely different but are classed as conspiracies and you think you have a different view on it? I was talking to someone the other day about curses and jinxes and that got me thinking about James Dean and the ‘Scharnhorst’ (I have included details of both curses below behind a cut because they are not strictly to do with conspiracies but I wanted to illustrate my point)

James Deans car named ‘Little Bastard’ before his fatal accident he was warned by the actor Alec Guinness that the car would bring bad luck and it was shortly after this that Dean crashed and was killed. After the tragedy, a George Barris bought the wrecked Porsche for $2,500. When the wreck arrived at Barris' garage, the Porsche slipped and fell on one of the mechanics unloading it breaking both of the man's legs.
It is reported that Barris had bad feelings about the car when he first saw it, and when during a race at the Pomona Fair Grounds on October 24, 1956 more tragedy happened it seem to confirm his suspicions. Two Doctors were both racing cars that had parts from the "Little Bastard." One died when his car, which had the Porsche's engine installed, went out of control and hit a tree. The other car flipped over. The doctor survived despite serious injuries, later said that the car suddenly locked up when he went into a curve.

The car's malevolent influence continued after the race. Two of the car's tires were sold to a young man; within a week, the man was nearly involved in a wreck when the two tires blew out simultaneously. After this the Porsche was loaned to the California Highway Patrol for a touring display to illustrate the importance of road safety. Within days, the garage housing the Spyder burnt to the ground. With the exception of the "Little Bastard," every vehicle parked inside the garage was destroyed. When the car was put on exhibit in Sacramento, it fell from its display and broke a teenager's hip. When the car was being transported to another show, the truck hauling the Spyder was involved in an accident and the driver was killed instantly when the Porsche fell on him after he was thrown from his truck in the accident.

The mishaps surrounding the car continued until 1960, when the Porsche was loaned out for a safety exhibit in Miami, Florida. When the exhibit was over, the wreckage, en route to Los Angeles on a truck, mysteriously vanished. To this day, the "Little Bastard's" whereabouts are unknown.

The Scharnhorst
Scharnhorst" and "Gneisenau" were two 35,000 ton battlecruisers Hitler ordered built in answer to similar ships being built by France in the 1930's. The twins were very powerful vessels, with 9x11 inch guns and able to steam 30 knots, However the "Scharnhorst" was known as an unlucky ship. Trouble first started while still under construction. The supports holding the giant vessel gave way and she rolled on her side. Sixty one workers were killed instantly and 110 were wounded and it took 3 months to lift her. Then at the official launch attended by Hitler, Goering, Goebbels and a whole host of dignitaries the only thing missing was the Nazi's newest warship, in the middle of the night the huge cables holding the massive vessel suddenly parted on their own and "Scharnhorst" slid down the ways, crashing into two destroyers, causing a lot of damage.

The Scharnhorst’s first major battle was at the seizure of Danzig where she bombarded the city. However during this action one of her guns blew up killing nine crewmen. Shortly after this the air system in another gun turret stop functioning and 12 men were suffocated. Neither of these incidents were due to enemy action.
On April 9, 1940 came an inconclusive gunfire exchange with "HMS Renown" though the Germans received the worst of this short fight. In June 1940 the battle cruisers encountered and sank the aircraft carrier "HMS Glorious" and 2 destroyers. After this, the twins fled back to base, missing a golden opportunity. On board a cruiser and a merchant ship fleeing south had been no other personage than the King of Norway himself, headed to England and exile.

Morale was terrible on the Scharnhorst. In her first months at sea, she lost many to death and more to desertion. German sailors were saying the ship was cursed and that it was only a matter of time before the jinx struck again. They didn’t have to wait long. During the siege of Oslo, as Nazi battleships poured their fire into the Norwegian port, the Scharnhorst took more hits than the entire fleet combined. She staggered and reeled, belching flame and black smoke from more than thirty wounds before the Gneisenau left the battle to pull her to safety beyond the range of the shore batteries.

She even encountered disaster on her way home. On the way into port, "Scharnhort's" radar failed and she blundered into merchant ship "Bremen" a badly needed troop transport. She crept into the Elbe River and failed to reveal the world’s largest ocean liner directly in her path in the narrow ship channel. The man on watch sounded the alarm, but he was too late. He died seconds later in the collision with the Bremen. Although the Scharnhorst pulled free and continued upstream, the pride of the German passenger fleet sank on the spot. The Bremen settled into the mud, where British bombers found her the next day and destroyed her. The Scharnhorst curse had claimed another victim.

The jinxed ship slipped down the Elbe at night, past the bombed out hulk of the rusting Bremen, and north toward the Allied shipping in the Arctic Sea. Attacking the lightly protected convoys should have been an easy, routine patrol for a dreadnaught with her capabilities, but the same blackness that shielded the Scharnhorst from British patrols also shielded a crippled British boat from the Scharnhorst. She never saw the paralysed smaller craft as she thundered past. It was a fatal mistake. The ship alerted the rest of the Royal Navy and the British fleet was immediately in full pursuit. However the Scharnhorst was too fast and The British lost her in the inky blackness. The British commander spread out his fleet like a fan. In the tense moments that followed, a destroyer spotted her, but lost her in the poor visibility of rough seas. An officer on the "Duke of York" decided to fire a speculative, almost futile chance as the Scharnhorst sailed out of range. Miraculously he scored a direct hit. On fire and with seawater rushing in, she sunk low in the water. More hits quickly followed. In a matter of minutes, the jinx of the German Navy rolled over on her side and sank. The Royal navy picked up only 38 survivors. That wasn’t even the end of the curse. Two sailors managed to reach the coast of Norway in their flimsy rubber raft. As the sailors attempted to warm themselves by lighting a gas stove they had brought from "Scharnhorst". The leaky stove suddenly ignited and exploded, killing both of them

So what do you guys think? Have you got alternative views on any particular conspiracys

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